French Indocheenae

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Indocheenae Federation

Fédération indochinoise (French)
Banner o French Indocheenese
Emblem o French Indocheenese
Green: French Indocheenae Daurk gray: Ither French possessions Daurkest gray: Fraunce
Green: French Indocheenae
Daurk gray: Ither French possessions
Daurkest gray: Fraunce
StatusFederation o French colonial possessions
  • Saigon (1887–1902)
  • Hanoi (1902–45)
  • Saigon (1945–54)
Common leidsFrench (offeecial)
GovrenmentFrench federation
Historical eraNew Imperialism
• Established
17 October 1887
• Addeetion o Laos
3 October 1893
• Addeetion o Guangzhouwan
5 January 1900
• Unthirldom o the Democratic Republic o Vietnam proclaimed
2 September 1945
• State o Vietnam proclaimed
2 Julie 1949
• Unthirldom o Cambodie proclaimed
9 November 1953
20 Julie 1954
• Disestablished
30 December 1954
1935737,000 km2 (285,000 sq mi)
• 1935
CurrencyFrench Indocheenese piastre
Precedit bi
Succeedit bi
French Cochincheenae
Nguyễn dynasty
French Pertectorate o Cambodie
Kinrick o Luang Phrabang
Kinrick o Champasak
Rattanakosin Kinrick
Qing dynasty
North Vietnam
Proveesional Central Govrenment o Vietnam
Kinrick o Cambodie (1953–70)
Kinrick o Laos
Republic o Cheenae (1912–49)
The day pairt o

French Indocheenae (previously spelled as French Indo-Cheenae)[1] (French: Indochine française; Lao: ສະຫະພັນອິນດູຈີນ; Khmer: សហភាពឥណ្ឌូចិន; Vietnamese: Đông Dương thuộc Pháp, IPA: [ɗə̄wŋm jɨ̄əŋ tʰûək fǎp], frequently abbreviatit tae Đông Pháp; Cheenese: 法屬印度支那), offeecially kent as the Indocheenese Union (French: Union indochinoise)[2] efter 1887 an the Indocheenese Federation (French: Fédération indochinoise) efter 1947, wis a groupin o French colonial territories in Sootheast Asie.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. While baith 'Indo-Cheenae' an 'Indocheenae' can be foond in contemporary soorces, 'Indo-Cheenae' is the maist commonly uised spellin (even tho Indochine, insteid o Indo-Chine', wis commonly uised in French); contemporary offeecial publications an aa adopt the spellin o 'Indo-Cheenae'.
  2. Decree o 17 October 1887.

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