Free Kirk o Scotland (Conteenuin)

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Free Kirk o Scotland (Conteenuin)
Staffin Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) - - 1034757.jpg
The FCC kirk biggin in Staffin.
Clessification Protestant
Theology Calvinistic
Polity Presbyterian
Associations Internaitional Conference o Reformed Kirks, Affinity
Oreegin 2000
Separatit frae Free Kirk o Scotland
Congregations 29 active congregations in Scotland, 1 in Canadae an 5 owerseas in the Unitit States
Members ~1,000
Offeecial wabsteid

The Free Kirk o Scotland (Conteenuin) (Scots Gaelic: An Eaglais Shaor Leantainneach) is a Scots Presbyterian denomination that wis formed in Januar 2000. It claims tae be the true conteenuation o the Free Kirk o Scotland, hyne its name.