Fraser Island

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Fraser Island
Native name: K'gari
Fraser Island view from Indian Head.jpg
View north frae Indian Head, 2004
Location Australie
Coordinates 25°13′S 153°08′E / 25.217°S 153.133°E / -25.217; 153.133Coordinates: 25°13′S 153°08′E / 25.217°S 153.133°E / -25.217; 153.133
Aurie 1,840 km2 (710 sq mi)
Heichest elevation 244 m (801 ft)
State Queensland
LGA Fraser Coast Region
Lairgest settlement Eurong
Population 194 (2011)
Pop. density 0.2 /km2 (0.5 /sq mi)
Ethnic groups Scots
Additional information
Teep Natural
Criteria vii, viii, ix
Designatit 1992 (16t session)
Reference no. 630
State Pairty Australie
Region Asie-Paceefic

Fraser Island is a heritage-leetit island locatit alang the soothren coast o Queensland, Australie, approximately 200 kilometres (120 mi) north o Brisbane.[1]

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