Frankfurt Airport

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Frankfurt Airport
Flughafen Frankfurt am Main
FRA June2013.JPG
Airport teepPublic
ServesFrankfurt, Germany
Hub for
Focus ceety for
Elevation AMSL364  ft / 111  m
Coordinates50°02′00″N 008°34′14″E / 50.03333°N 8.57056°E / 50.03333; 8.57056Coordinates: 50°02′00″N 008°34′14″E / 50.03333°N 8.57056°E / 50.03333; 8.57056
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Direction Lenth Surface
m ft
07R/25L 4,000 13,123 Asphalt
07C/25C 4,000 13,123 Asphalt
18A 4,000 13,123 Concrete
07L/25RB 2,800 9,240 Concrete
Statistics (2012)
Passengers57,527,251 Increase 1.9%
Cargo2,100,747 Decrease 6.7%
Aircraftmovements482,242 Decrease 1.0%
Economic impact$22.3 billion[1]
Sources: Passenger traffic & movements – Fraport[2]

A:^ The opposite end of Runway 18, which if marked would be Runway 36, is unused.[4] Runway 18 is used for take-offs only.

B: ^ Runway 07L/25R is used for landings only.

Frankfurt Airport (IATA: FRAICAO: EDDF) (German: Flughafen Frankfurt am Main, kent as Rhein-Main-Flughafen an aw) is a major internaitional airport locatit in Frankfurt, the fift-lairgest ceety o Germany an ane o the warld's leadin financial centres. It is operatit bi Fraport an serves as the main hub for Lufthansa includin Lufthansa CityLine an Lufthansa Cargo as well as Condor an AeroLogic. The airport covers a aurie o 21 square kilometre (8.1 sq mi) o laund an featurs twa passenger terminals wi a capacity o approximately 65 million passengers per year, fower runweys an extensive logistics facilities.

Frankfurt Airport is by far the busiest airport bi passenger traffic in Germany, the third busiest in Europe efter Lunnon Heathrow Airport an Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport an the 10t busiest warldwide in 2013.[5] It handled 57.5 million passengers in 2012.[2] Wi a fricht throuput o 2.09 million metric tonnes in 2013[6] it is the busiest airport in Europe bi cargo traffic an aw. As o winter 2012/2013, Frankfurt Airport servit 264 destinations in 113 kintras, makkin it the airport wi the maist internaitional destinations in the warld.[4]

The soothren side o the airport grund wis hame tae the Rhein-Main Air Base, which wis a major air base for the Unitit States frae 1947 till 2005, when the air base wis closed an the property wis acquired bi Fraport.

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