Frankfort, Kentucky

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Kentucky State Capitol
Location in Franklin County an the state o Kentucky
Location in Franklin County an the state o Kentucky
Frankfort is locatit in Kentucky
Location in the Unitit States
Coordinates: 38°12′N 84°52′W / 38.200°N 84.867°W / 38.200; -84.867
Kintra Unitit States
State Kentucky
Coonty Franklin
Established 1786
Incorporatit 28 Februar 1835
 • Teep Council/Manager
 • Mayor William May
 • Total 37.9 km2 (14.6 sq mi)
 • Laund 37.1 km2 (14.3 sq mi)
 • Watter 0.8 km2 (0.3 sq mi)
Elevation 155 m (509 ft)
Population (2010)
 • Tot 25,527
 • Density 674.2/km2 (1,746.3/sq mi)
Time zone Eastren (EST) (UTC-5)
 • Simmer (DST) EDT (UTC-4)
ZIP Code 40601-40604, 40618-40622
Aurie code(s) 502
FIPS code 21-28900
GNIS featur ID 0517517
Wabsteid Ceety wabsteid

Frankfort is the caipital ceety o the U.S. state o Kentucky. It haes been the state caipital syne 8 Dizember, 1792. It is the coonty seat o Franklin Coonty, an haes been syne 1795.

Frankfort is beside the Kentucky River. This is hou the ceety earned its name, acause the laund wis awned bi pioneer Stephen Frank. First cried "Frank's Ford", the name wis suin shortened tae Frankfort.

Athin a century the population o Frankfort grew frae 9,487 in 1900, tae 27,741 in 2000. The members o the ceety commission an the mayor are electit bi the ceetizens.

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