Frank B. Kellogg

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Nobel prize medal.svg
Frank B. Kellogg
45t Unitit States Secretar o State
In office
Mairch 5, 1925 – Mairch 28, 1929
PresesCalvin Coolidge
Herbert Hoover
Precedit biCharles Evans Hughes
Succeedit biHenry L. Stimson
Unitit States Ambassador tae the Unitit Kinrick
In office
Januar 14, 1924 – Februar 10, 1925
MonarchGeorge V
PresesCalvin Coolidge
Prime MeenisterStanley Baldwin
Ramsay MacDonald
Stanley Baldwin
Precedit biGeorge B. M. Harvey
Succeedit biAlanson B. Houghton
United States Senator
frae Minnesota
In office
Mairch 4, 1917 – Mairch 4, 1923
Precedit biMoses E. Clapp
Succeedit biHenrik Shipstead
Personal details
BornFrank Billings Kellogg
22 December 1856(1856-12-22)
Potsdam, New York
Dee'd21 December 1937(1937-12-21) (aged 80)
St. Paul, Minnesota
Poleetical pairtyRepublican
ProfessionPoliteecian, Lawyer

Frank Billings Kellogg (December 22, 1856 – December 21, 1937) wis an American lawyer, politeecian an statesman wha served in the U.S. Senate an as U.S. Secretar o State.[1] He co-authored the Kellogg–Briand Pact, for which he wis awairdit the Nobel Peace Prize in 1929.[2]

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