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Saint Francis o Assisi, O.F.M.
Co-patron o Italy, foonder o the Seraphic Order
Bartolomeo Della Gatta - Stigmata of St Francis - WGA01336.jpg
The Stigmata o Saunt Francis
bi Bartolomeo della Gatta, tempera on wid circa 1487
Religious, deacon, confessor
stigmatist and religious founder
Born 1181 or 1182
Assisi, Duchy o Spoleto, Holy Roman Empire
Dee'd 3 October 1226 (aged 44)
Assisi, Umbrie, Papal States[1]
Honored in Roman Catholic Kirk
Anglican Communion
Lutheran Kirk
Auld Catholic Kirk
Canonizit 16 July 1228, Assisi, Italy by Pape Gregory IX
Major shrine Basilica o San Francesco d'Assisi
Feast 4 October
Attributes Tau cross, doo, birds, ainimals, wouf at feet, Pax et Bonum,
Puir Franciscan habit, stigmata
Patronage ainimals; the environment; Italy; merchants; stowaways;[2] Cub Scouts; San Francisco, Californie, Naga Ceety, Cebu

Saunt Francis o Assisi (Italian: San Francesco d'Assisi), born Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone, informally named as Francesco (1181/1182 – 3 October 1226),[1][3] wis an Italian Roman Catholic friar an preacher. He foondit the men's Order o Friars Minor, the weemen’s Order o Saunt Clare, the Third Order o Saunt Francis an the Custody o the Holy Laund.[1] Francis is ane o the maist venerated releegious figurs in history.[1]

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