Francis Picabia

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Francis Picabia
Francis Picabia, 1919, Danse de Saint-Guy, The Little Review, Picabia number, Autumn 1922.jpg
Francis Picabia, 1919,
inside Danse de Saint-Guy
BornFrancis-Marie Martinez Picabia
22 Januar 1879(1879-01-22)
Died30 November 1953(1953-11-30) (aged 74)
Kent forPentin
Notable wirk(s)Amorous Parade
MuivementCubism, Dada, Surrealism

Francis Picabia (French: [fʁɑ̃sis pikabja]; born Francis-Marie Martinez de Picabia, 22 Januar 1879 – 30 November 1953) wis a French avant-garde penter, poet an teepografist. Efter experimentin wi Impressionism an Pointillism, Picabia acame associatit wi Cubism. His heichly abstract planar composeetions war colourfu an rich in contrasts. He wis ane o the early major figurs o the Dada muivement in the Unitit States an in Fraunce. He wis later briefly associatit wi Surrealism, but would suin turn his back on the airt establishment.[1]

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