Franchi SPAS-12

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Franchi SPAS-12
SPAS-12 stock folded.jpg
The Franchi SPAS-12 wi stock fauldit an butt huik remuived
Teep Combat shotgun
Place o oreegin Italy
Service history
In service 1979–present
Uised bi See Users
Production history
Designer Franchi
Designed 1979
Manufacturer Franchi
Produced 1979–2000
No. biggit 37,000
  • 4.4 kg (9.68 lb)
  • 1041 mm (41 in) stock extendit
  • 820 mm (32.5 in) stock fauldit
Baurel lenth
  • 18",19-7/8",21-1/2",24"

Cartridge 12 gauge 2Template:Fraction inch shells anerly
Action Pump-action/gas-actuatit
Rate o fire Semi-automatic or pump action
Effective firin range Dependent on ammuneetion uised
Feed seestem Tube Extension 5+1, 6+1, 7+1 an 8+1 roonds, internal tube magazine
Sichts Airn sicht

The Franchi SPAS-12 is a combat shotgun manufactured bi Italian fireairms company Franchi frae 1979 tae 2000.