Françoise de Mailly

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Françoise de Mailly
Marquise o La Vrillière
Full name
Françoise de Mailly
Born30 August 1688
Dee'd11 September 1742 (aged 54)
Spoose(s)Louis Phélypeaux, Marquis o La Vrillière
FaitherLouis de Mailly
MitherAnne Marie Françoise de Sainte-Hermine

Françoise de Mailly (1688–1742), wis a French noblewoman wha served as the dame d'atours tae queen Marie Leszczyńska in 1731–1742 as well as a Leddy-in-waitin. She wis born the dochter o Louis de Mailly (1663–1699) an Anne Marie Francoise de Sainte-Hermine. She mairit Louis Phélypeaux, Marquis o La Vrillière on 1 September 1700, but wis widowed in 1725. On 14 Juin 1731 she mairit Paul de La Porte, Duke Mazarin, but he died efter three month.

She wis appointed dame d'atour tae queen Marie Leszczyńska 25 August 1731, succeeding her mither. She became the queen's personal friend an favourite among the leddies-in-waitin alongside Marie Brûlart. She introduced her son, Louis Phélypeaux, Coont o Saint-Florentin, at coort, where he became state secretary. She disliked her granddochter Louise Julie de Mailly position as ryal mistress, an died in the middle o an intrigue tae replace her granddochter as ryal mistress wi her younger granddochter, Marie Anne de Mailly.