Françoise d'Orléans

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Françoise d'Orléans
Princess o Condé
Francoise d'Orléans, Princess of Condé by an known artist.png
Born5 Aprile 1549
Châteaudun, Fraunce
Dee'd11 Juin 1601 (aged 52)
Paris, Fraunce
SpouseLouis de Bourbon
IssueCharles, Coont o Soissons
Full name
Françoise d'Orléans
FaitherFrançois d'Orléans
MitherJacqueline de Rohan
ReleegionRoman Catholic (formerly Huguenot)
SeegnaturFrançoise d'Orléans's signature

Françoise d'Orléans (5 Aprile 1549 – 11 Juin 1601) wis the second wife o Louis de Bourbon, Prince o Condé, a "Prince o the bluid" an leader o the Huguenots during French Wars o Releegion. She wis a dochter o François d'Orléans, Marquis o Rothelin an his wife Jacqueline de Rohan. Before she mairit the Prince o Condé she wis kent as Mademoiselle de Longueville. She wis an illegitimate descendant o Keeng Charles V o Fraunce.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 8 November 1565 she mairit Louis de Bourbon, Prince o Condé, the founder o the Hoose o Condé (a cadet branch o the reigning Hoose o Bourbon. He wis a cousin o Henry IV o Fraunce.

Issue[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Charles de Bourbon, Coont o Soissons (3 November 1566 – 1 November 1612) mairit Anne de Montafié an haed issue.
  2. Louis de Bourbon (1567–1569) died young.
  3. Benjamin de Bourbon (1569–1573) died young.

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