Françoise Madeleine d'Orléans

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Françoise Madeleine d'Orléans
Madame la Duchesse de Savoye, Charles Beaubrun.jpg
Duchess o Savoy
Consort4 Mairch 1663 – 14 Januar 1664
Born13 October 1648(1648-10-13)
Saint Germain en Laye, Fraunce
Dee'd14 Januar 1664(1664-01-14) (aged 15)
Ducal Pailace, Turin, Savoy
BuirialTurin Cathedral, Savoy
SpouseCharles Emmanuel II, Duke o Savoy
Full name
Françoise Madeleine d'Orléans
FaitherGaston o Fraunce
MitherMarguerite o Lorraine
Arms of Françoise Madeleine d'Orléans (1648-1664), Duchess of Savoy.jpg

Françoise Madeleine d'Orléans, Granddaughter o Fraunce (13 October 1648 – 14 Januar 1664) wis born a niece o Louis XIII o Fraunce an haed the rank o a Granddaughter o Fraunce due to her faither being Gaston o Fraunce, Duke o Orléans. She wis kent as "Mademoiselle de Valois" prior tae her mairiage tae Charles Emmanuel II, Duke o Savoy. As such she became Duchess o Savoy as the first wife of Charles Emmanuel II. She wis a first cousin o Louis XIV as well of her husband. She wis the shortest-serving Savoyard consort, dying at the age o fifteen an without childer. Charles Emmanuel would later mairy Marie Jeanne o Savoy. She wis buried at Turin Cathedral in Savoy. She wis also the favourite sister o La Grande Mademoiselle, the famous heiress. She grew up in the company o her sisters an Mademoiselle de La Vallière, future mistress o Louis XIV

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