Fowk muisic

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Fowk muisic
Béla Bartók recordin Slovak peasant sangsters in 1908
TradeetionsLeet o fowk muisic tradeetions
MuisickersLeet o fowk muisickers
InstrumentsFowk instruments
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Fowk muisic includes baith tradeetional muisic an the genre that evolved frae it during the 20t century folk revival. The term oreeginatit in the 19t century, but is eften applied tae muisic that is aulder nor that. Some teeps o fowk muisic are an aa cried warld muisic. Tradeetional fowk muisic haes been defined in several weys: as muisic transmittit orally, muisic wi unkent componers, or muisic performed bi custom ower a lang period o time. It haes been contrastit wi commercial an clessical styles.