Fowk's Liberation Airmy

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Fowk's Liberation Airmy
China Emblem PLA.svg
Emblem o the Fowk's Liberation Airmy
Foondit August 1, 1927
Service branches
Leaders o Central Militar Commission Xi Jinping (Chairman)
Fan Changlong (Vice-chairman)
Xu Qiliang (Vice-chairman)
Meenister o National Defense General Chang Wanquan
Chief o PLA General Staff General Fang Fenghui
Militar age 18–49
Conscription None enforced
Available for
militar service
385,821,101 males, age 16–49 (2010 est),
363,789,674 females, age 16–49 (2010 est)
Fit for
militar service
318,265,016 males, age 16–49 (2010 est),
300,323,611 females, age 16–49 (2010 est)
Reachin militar
age annually
10,406,544 males (2010 est),
9,131,990 females (2010 est)
Active personnel approximately 2,285,000(aboot 0.18% o population) [1][2] (ranked 1st)
Reserve personnel 800,000[1][2][3]
Deployed personnel Overseas: ~300 anti-pirate personnel in Somalia [1]
Paramilitary: approximately 1,500,000[1][2][4]
Total: 4,585,000~ [1][2] (ranked 6th)
Budget US$119 billion (2013)[5] (ranked 2nd)
Percent o GDP 1.46% (2012 est.)
Domestic suppliers Norinco
Aviation Industry Corporation o Cheenae
Poly Technologies
Guizhou Aircraft Industry Corporation
Harbin Aircraft Manufacturin Corporation
Inner-Mongolia First Machine Group Company Leemitit
Xi'an Aircraft Industrial Corporation
Shaanxi Aircraft Corporation
Shenyang Aircraft Corporation
Sichuan Lantian Helicopter Company Leemitit
Harbin First Machinery Biggin Group Ltd
Hongdu Aviation Industry Group
Cheenae Naitional Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation
Changhe Aircraft Industries Corporation
Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group
Jiangnan Shipyard
Cheenae State Shipbiggin Corporation
Cheenae Shipbiggin Industry Corporation
Cheenae Aerospace Science an Technology Corporation[6]
Foreign suppliers

List o Foreign Suppliers

Annual imports  Israel
 Unitit Kinrick
 Unitit States
Annual exports  Indonesie
 Unitit Kinrick
 Sooth Korea
Relatit airticles
History History o the PLA
Modernization o the PLA
Ranks Airmy
Air Force
Fowk's Liberation Airmy
Tradeetional Cheenese 中國人民解放軍
Simplifee'd Cheenese 中国人民解放军
Leeteral meanin Cheenae Fowk's Liberation Airmy

The Fowk's Liberation Airmy (PLA; simplifeed Cheenese: 中国人民解放军; traditeeonal Cheenese: 中國人民解放軍; pinyin: Zhōngguó Rénmín Jiěfàngjūn) is the militar airm o the Communist Pairty o Cheenae (CPC) an the de facto airmed forces o the Fowkrepublic o Cheenae, consistin o land, sea, strategic missile an air forces. Initially cried the Cheenese Wirkers an Peasants Reid Airmy, the PLA wis established on August 1, 1927 which is celebrated annually as "PLA Day". The Fowk's Liberation Airmy's insignia consists o a roundel wi a reid starn bearin the Cheenese characters for "Aicht Ane", referrin tae August 1 (Cheenese: 八一), the date o the 1927 Nanchang Uprisin.

Lanzhou (DDG170) is a Type 052C destroyer of the PLAN
A Chengdu J-20 5th generation stealth fighter currently under development for the PLAAF.
PLA military regions (1996)

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