Fowert Crusade

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Fowert Crusade
Pairt o the Crusades
Conquest o Constantinople bi the Crusaders in 1204
Result Crusader Sack o Constantinople
Establishment o the Latin Empire.
Pairteetion o the Byzantine Empire, creation o Crusader states in the Balkans

 Republic o Venice
 Haly Roman Empire
Arms of the Kingdom of France (Ancien).svg Kinrick o Fraunce

Byzantine Empire
Coa Hungary Country History Bela III (1172-1196).svg Kinrick o Hungary
Kinrick o Croatie
Commanders an leaders
Republic o Venice Enrico Dandolo
Flag of Montferrat.svg Boniface I
Blason comté Champagne ancien.svg Louis I
Isaac II Angelos
Alexios III Angelos
Alexios IV Angelos
Alexios V Doukas
Kaloyan o Bulgarie
Emeric o Hungary
Crusaders: 10,000 men[1]
Venetians: 10,000 men[1] and 210 ships[2]
Byzantines: 15,000 men[3] an 20 ships[4][5]

The Fowert Crusade (1202–04) wis a Wastren European airmed expedeetion oreeginally intendit tae conquer Muslim-controlled Jerusalem bi means o an invasion throu Egyp.

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