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Fort George, Hieland

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Fort George
Dùn Deòrsa  (Scots Gaelic)
Ardersier, Hieland, Scotland
Fort George frae the Air.
Fort George is located in Innerness aurie
Fort George
Fort George
Location within Inverness-shire
Coordinates57°35′02″N 4°04′13″W / 57.58389°N 4.07028°W / 57.58389; -4.07028Coordinates: 57°35′02″N 4°04′13″W / 57.58389°N 4.07028°W / 57.58389; -4.07028
TeepGeorgian Star Fort
HichtUp to 12 metre (39 ft)
Site information
OwnerMeenistry o Defence
Operator Breetish Airmy
Site history
Biggit forWar Office
In use1757-Present
EventsBiggit efter the Jacobite risin
Garrison information
OccupantsThe Black Watch, 3rd Battalion The Ryal Regiment o Scotland

Fort George (Gaelic: Dùn Deòrsa or An Gearastan, the latter meanin leeterally "the garrison"), is a muckle 18th-century dun near Ardersier, north-east Innerness in the Hieland cooncil area o Scotland.[1]


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