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Male forehead-01 ies.jpg
System Unkent, none
Artery supraorbital, supratrochlear
Vein supraorbital, frontal
Nerve trigeminal, facial
Laitin sinciput
MeSH A01.456.505.580
TA A01.1.00.002
FMA FMA:46448
Anatomical terminology

In human anatomy, the foreheid is an aurie o the heid boondit bi three features, twa o the skull an ane o the scaup. The tap o the foreheid is merked bi the hairline, the edge o the aurie whaur hair on the scaup growes. The bottom o the foreheid is merked bi the supraorbital rig, the bane featur o the skull abuin the een. The twa sides o the foreheid are merked bi the temporal rig, a bane featur that airts the supraorbital rig tae the coronal sutur line an ayont.[1][2]

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