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Male forehead-01 ies.jpg
System Unkent, none
Artery supraorbital, supratrochlear
Vein supraorbital, frontal
Nerve trigeminal, facial
Laitin sinciput
MeSH A01.456.505.580
TA A01.1.00.002
FMA 63864
Anatomical terminology

In human anatomy, the foreheid is an aurie o the heid boondit bi three features, twa o the skull an ane o the scaup. The tap o the foreheid is merked bi the hairline, the edge o the aurie whaur hair on the scaup growes. The bottom o the foreheid is merked bi the supraorbital rig, the bane featur o the skull abuin the een. The twa sides o the foreheid are merked bi the temporal rig, a bane featur that airts the supraorbital rig tae the coronal sutur line an ayont.[1][2]

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