Ford Falcon GT

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1971 Ford XY Falcon GTHO Phase III
2008 FPV FG GT

The Ford Falcon GT is an automobile which wis produced bi Ford Australie frae 1967 tae 1976 an 2003 tae the present day wi intermitent limited edition anniversary models offered in atween. Since 2003 the caur haes been markettit as the FPV GT but FPV continue tae release anniversary editions based on the original 1967 model. The Falcon GT is inextricably linked wi the heestory o Australian muscle caur production an wi the evolution o Australian domestic motor racin.

The GT wis introduced as a performance variant o the Australian Ford Falcon XR series in 1967. GT variants wur also offered in: 1968 XT, 1969 XW, 1971 XY, 1972 XA, 1973 XB models. HO (Handlin Options) variants released wi XW an XY model ranges, further modified for performance an wur essentially homologation specials for motor racin. A XA version o the HO wis abandoned in the early stage o development due tae public pressure in 1972 efter an infamous newspaper campaign.

Efter a rest o saxteen years the GT badge wis revived for a 25t anniversary edition o the 1992 EB series Falcon wi a 30t anniversary version offered in 1997 on the EL Falcon. Frae 2003 the GT badge wis inheritit bi Ford Australie's performance tunin airm, Ford Performance Vehicles an the FPV GT haes been offered continuously since 2003 on the BA, BF (2006) and FG (2008) model ranges.