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This airticle is aboot the Australie caur model. For models producit for ither kintras, see Ford Falcon.
Ford Falcon
2014 Ford Falcon (FG X) XR6 Turbo sedan (23382738252).jpg
Manufacturer Ford Australia
Also cried Ford Fairmont
Ford Futura
Ford G6
Production 1960–2016
Assembly Australie: Campbellfield, Victoria
New Zealand: Lower Hutt (1960s–1973); Wiri (1973–1990s)
Body and chassis
Cless Full-size
Body style 4-door sedan
5-door station wagon
2-door utility
2-door panel van
2-door coupé
Layoot FR layoot
Relatit Ford Fairlane/LTD
Ford Territory Ford Escort
Predecessor Ford Zephyr
Ford Zodiac
Successor Ford Mondeo
Ford Mustang

The Ford Falcon is a full-sisit caur manufacturt bi the Ford Motor Company of Australia frae 1960 tae 2016. Frae the XA series o 1972 onwaird, each Falcon an range o derivates hae been designed, developit, an built in Australie, follaein the phasin oot o the American-influencit Falcon o 1960 tae 1971, which haed been re-ingineered locally as the XK tae XY series for the hairsker Australie condeetions. The luxury-orientit Ford Fairmont model jyned the range frae 1965. Luxury lang-wheelbase derivative versions cried the Ford Fairlane an LTD arrivit in 1967 an 1973, respectively (wi production endin in 2007).

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