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2008 Ford FG Falcon XR8.jpg

The Ford Falcon is a full-size caur which haes been manufactured bi Ford Australie since 1960. Each model frae the XA series o 1972 onward haes been designed, developed an built in Australie an/or New Zealand, followin the phasin oot o the American Falcon of 1960-71 which haed been re-ingineered locally for the harsher Australian conditions. As a result o the longevity of its Australian production, the Falcon is ane of the biggest sellin names in warld automotive heestory, sellin over 3,000,000 in sax generations to 2003, almaist exclusively in Australie an New Zealand.[1] As o Julie 2007, Ford sells upwards o 3,000 units per month.[2]

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