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Ford Australia

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Ford Motor Company of Australia Limited
Subsidiar o Ford Motor Company o the Unitit States
FoonderHenry Ford
HeidquartersRichmond, Melbourne (Heid Office)
Campbellfield, Melbourne (Asia Pacific Engineering Centre)
Key fowk
Graeme Whickman CEO
Nummer o employees
Ford factory in Norlane, Victoria, 1957.

The Ford Motor Company of Australia Limited, kent bi its tradin name Ford Australia, is the Australie subsidiar o Unitit States-based automaker Ford Motor Company. It wis foondit in Geelong, Victoria, in 1925 as a ootpost o Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited. At that time, Ford Canada wis a separate company frae Ford USA. Henry Ford haein grantit the manufacturin richts o Ford motor vehicles in the Breetish Empire (later the Commonweel), exceptin the UK, tae Canadian investors.

Ford Australia's first products wur Model Ts assembled frae complete knock-doun (CKD) kits providit bi Ford of Canada. Nivertheless, it is best kent in mair recent times for haein producit the Falcon, oreeginally a US model introducit in Australie in 1960, but adaptit tae Australie requirements an road condeetions.

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