Ford's Theatre

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Ford's Theatre
Ford's Theatre 2016.jpg
Address511 10th St, NW
Washington, D.C.
Unitit States
AwnerNational Park Service
OperatorFord's Theatre Society
TeepRegional theatre
AppentAugust 1863
Reappent1968, 2009
Ford's Theatre National Historic Site
Ford's Theatre is locatit in Washington, D.C.
Ford's Theatre
Ford's Theatre is locatit in the Destrict o Columbia
Ford's Theatre
Ford's Theatre is locatit in the US
Ford's Theatre
Coordinates38°53′48″N 77°1′33″W / 38.89667°N 77.02583°W / 38.89667; -77.02583Coordinates: 38°53′48″N 77°1′33″W / 38.89667°N 77.02583°W / 38.89667; -77.02583
Aurie0.29 acres (0.12 ha) (theatre alane) less nor ane acre (entire NHS)
Airchitectural styleLate Victorian
Veesitation856,079 (2005)
NRHP Reference #66000034[1]
Addit tae NRHPOctober 15, 2013[dubious ]

Ford's Theatre is a theatre locatit in Washington, D.C., that appent in August 1863. It is famous for bein the steid o the assassination o U.S. Preses Abraham Lincoln on Apryle 14, 1865.

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