Fluid deenamics

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(Reguidit frae Fluid dynamics)
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Teepical aerodeenamic teardrop shape, assumin a viscous medium passin frae left tae richt, the diagram shaws the pressur distribution as the thickness o the black line an shaws the velocity in the boondary layer as the violet triangles. The green vortex generators prompt the transeetion tae turbulent flow an prevent back-flow an aa cried flow separation frae the high pressur region in the back. The surface in front is as smuith as possible or even employs shark-lik skin, as ony turbulence here reduce the energy o the airflow. The truncation on the richt, kent as a Kammback, an aa prevents backflow frae the heich pressur region in the back athort the spoilers tae the convergent pairt.

In pheesics, fluid deenamics is a subdiscipline o fluid mechanics that deals wi fluid flow—the naitural science o fluids (liquids an gases) in motion.