Flavius Aetius

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Flavius Aetius
Diptych Aetius.jpg
Possible relief of Aetius,[1] awtho the sarcophagus haes an aa been thocht tae depict Stilicho (d. 408 AD), an can be datit even earlier atween 387-390 AD, during the reign o Theodosius I[2]
Elk-name Last o the Romans
Born c. 391 AD
Dee'd September 21, 454 AD
Buried at Unkent, Possibly the Stilicho Sarcophagus
Allegiance Wastren Roman Empire
Service/branch Roman airmy
Years o service 405-454
Rank Magister Militum
Commands held Tribunis Partis Militaris
Cura Palatii
Magister Militum per Gallias
Comes et Magister Utriusque Militiae (Junior)
Comes et Magister Utriusque Militiae (Senior)
Magnificus vir Parens Patriciusque Noster
Battles/wars Siege o Arelate (426)
Frankish War o 428
Norican Campaign o 430
Siege o Arelate (431)
Frankish War o 432
Battle o Rimini
Visigothic War o 436
Burgundian Revolt o 435
Siege o Narbona (436)
Sack o Worms (436)
Battle o Mons Colubrarius
Battle o Vicus Helena
Battle o the Catalaunian Plains
Invasion o Italy (452)
Spaingie Campaign o 453

Flavius Aetius (Laitin: Flavius Aetius; 391–454), dux et patricius, commonly cried simply Aetius or Aëtius, wis a Roman general o the closin period o the Wastren Roman Empire.

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