First Vatican Cooncil

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First Vatican Cooncil
ROME 8 DECEMBRE 1869 cropped.jpg
First Vatican Cooncil
Acceptit biCatholic Kirk
Previous cooncil
Cooncil o Trent
Next cooncil
Seicont Vatican Cooncil
Convoked biPape Pius IX
PresesPape Pius IX
Topicsrationalism, liberalism, materialism; inspiration o Scriptur; papal infallibility
Documents an statements
Dei Filius, Pastor aeternus
Chronological leet o ecumenical cooncils

The First Vatican Cooncil (Laitin: Concilium Vaticanum Primum) wis convoked bi Pape Pius IX on 29 Juin 1868, efter a period o plannin an preparation that began on 6 December 1864.[1]

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