First Sino-Japanese War

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First Sino-Japanese War
First Sino-Japanese War, major battles an truip muivements
Date1 August 1894 – 17 Aprile 1895
(8 months, 2 weeks and 2 days)
LocationKorea, Manchurie, Taiwan, Yellae Sea

Japanese victory

  • A significant loss of prestige for the Qing Empire
  • Joseon removed from the Qing Empire's vassalage
  • Korean Peninsula transferred to Japanese sphere of influence
Qing Empire cedes Taiwan, Penghu, an the Liaodong Peninsula tae the Empire o Japan
Qing Dynasty Qing dynasty Empire o Japan Japan
Commanders an leaders
Qing Dynasty Guangxu Emperor
Qing Dynasty Empress Dowager Cixi
Qing Dynasty Li Hongzhang
Qing Dynasty Liu Kunyi
Qing Dynasty Song Qing
Qing Dynasty Ding Ruchang 
Empire o Japan Meiji Emperor
Empire o Japan Yamagata Aritomo
Empire o Japan Itō Sukeyuki
Empire o Japan Nozu Michitsura
Empire o Japan Ōyama Iwao
630,000 men 240,616 men
Casualties an losses
35,000 dead or woondit 1,132 dead,
3,758 woondit
285 died o woonds
11,894 died o disease

The First Sino-Japanese War (1 August 1894 – 17 Aprile 1895) wis focht atween the Qing Empire o Cheenae an the Empire o Japan, primarily ower control o Korea.