First Punic War

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First Punic War
Pairt o the Punic Wars
First Punic War 264 BC v2.png
Wastren Mediterranean Sea in 264 BC. Roum is shawn in reid, Carthage in purpie, an Syracuse in green.
Date264–241 BCE
(23 years)
LocationMediterranean Sea, Sicily, Sardinie, North Africae
Result Roman victory
Sicily acomes a Roman province (Except the Kinrick o Syracuse)
Roman Republic Carthage
Commanders an leaders
Marcus Atilius Regulus (POW)
Gaius Lutatius Catulus
Gaius Duilius
Hamilcar Barca
Hanno the Great
Hasdrubal the Fair

690,000+ ,

120 ships


130 ships
Casualties an losses
155,000+ 130,000+

The First Punic War (264 to 241 BC) wis the first o three wars focht atween Auncient Carthage an the Roman Republic. For mair nor 20 years, the twa pouers struggled for supremacy, primarily on the Mediterranean island o Sicily an its surroondin watters, an an aa in North Africae. The war signaled the beginnin o a strategic transformation in the wastren Mediterranean.[1] Carthage began the war as the great sea-pouer o the wastren Mediterranean, while Roum haed but a small fleet o fechtin ships.[2] Ower the coorse o the war, Roum biggit up a pouerfu navy, developed new naval tactics, an strategically uised thair navy, airmy, an local poleetical alliances on Sicily in order tae achieve a victory that expelled the Carthaginians frae Sicily.[2] The First Punic War endit wi a treaty atween Roum an Carthage, but years o bluidshed war tae follae in the Seicont an Third Punic Wars afore the strategic issue o pouer in the wastren Mediterranean wis resolved in favour o Roum, an in the tot destruction o Carthage.[2]

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