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First Opium War

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First Opium War
Pairt o the Opium Wars

The Nemesis destroyin Cheenese war junks during the Seicont Battle o Chuenpee, 7 Januar 1841
Date18 Mairch 1839 – 29 August 1842[1]
(3 years, 5 months, 1 week and 4 days)
Result Breetish victory, Treaty o Nanking
Hong Kong Island cedit tae Breetain

Unitit Kinrick Unitit Kinrick

Qing Dynasty
Commanders an leaders
19,000 troops[2] 200,000 men
Casualties an losses
69 killed,
451 woondit
18,000–20,000 casualties
Casualties soorce:[2]

The First Anglo-Chinese War (1839–42), kent popularly as the First Opium War or simply the Opium War, wis foucht atween Great Breetain an Qing Cheenae ower thair conflictin viewpoints on diplomatic relations, trade, an the admeenistration o justice for foreign naitionals.[3]


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