First Dynasty o Egyp

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The First Dynasty o auncient Egyp (or Dynasty I[1]) covers the first series o Egyptian keengs tae rule ower a unified Egyp. It immediately follaes the unification o Upper an Lawer Egyp, possibly bi Narmer, an merks the beginnin o the Early Dynastic Period o Egyp, a time at which pouer wis centred at Thinis.

Rulers[eedit | eedit soorce]

Kent rulers in the history o Egyp for the First Dynasty are as follaes:

Name Dates Notes
Narmer/Menes(?) c. 32nd century (?) Mainstream opinion identifies Narmer wi Menes, houever a minority o scholars identify Menes wi Hor-Aha.[2]
Hor-Aha stairtin 3080 ± 30 B.C. (p = 0.32)[3]
Djer c. 3073–3036 B.C. 41 years
Djet 3008–2975?
Merneith (mither o Den) 3008? 2946–2916 B.C.
Den 2975–2935 or 2928–2911 B.C. 19 tae 50 years (40 years B.C.)
Anedjib 2916–2896 B.C. 20 years
Semerkhet 2912–2891 B.C.? 20 years
Qa'a 2906–2886 B.C.? 30 years

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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  3. Dee et al. 2013: " our analysis generates a chronometric date for the foundation of Egypt (accession of king Aha) of 3111–3045 BCE (68% hpd range; median 3085 BCE) or 3218–3035 BCE (95% hpd range)."

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