First Battle o the Marne

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First Battle o the Marne
Pairt o the Wastren Front o Warld War I
German soldiers Battle of Marne WWI.jpg
German sodgers (weirin distinctive pickelhaube helmets wi claith kivers) on the front line at the First Battle o the Marne.
Date6–12 September 1914
LocationMarne River near Brasles, east o Paris, Fraunce
49°1′N 3°23′E / 49.017°N 3.383°E / 49.017; 3.383Coordinates: 49°1′N 3°23′E / 49.017°N 3.383°E / 49.017; 3.383
Result Decisive Entente veectory
French Third Republic Fraunce
Unitit Kinrick o Great Breetain an Ireland Breetish Empire
German Empire German Empire
Commanders an leaders
French Third Republic Joseph Joffre
French Third Republic Joseph Gallieni
German Empire Helmuth von Moltke
39 French diveesions
6 Breetish diveesions
1,485,000 (on 2 August)
27 German diveesions
Casualties an losses
Fraunce 250,000 (includin 80,000 deid)
Unitit Kinrick 13,000 (includin 1,700 deid)
German Empire 250,000 (includin 67,700 deid)

The Battle o the Marne (French: Première bataille de la Marne, an aw kent as the Miracle o the Marne, Le Miracle de la Marne) wis a Warld War I battle focht frae 6–10 September 1914.[1]

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