Firs Park

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Nae tae be confused wi Fir Park.
Firs Park
Abandoned Firs Park - - 1439604.jpg
Firs Park shortly efter closur
Location Firs Street, Fawkirk,
Stirlinshire, Scotland
Awner East Stirlingshire F.C.
Capacity 1,800 (200 seatit)
Record attendance 12,000 v Partick Thistle
21 Februar 1921
Field size 112 x 72 yairds
Surface Gress
Appent 1921
Closed 2008
Demolished 2012
Airchitect Archibald Simpson
East Stirlingshire F.C. (1921–64 an 1965–2008)

Firs Park wis a fitbaw stadium in Fawkirk, Scotland, that wis the hame o East Stirlingshire F.C. atween 1921 an 2008.

Coordinates: 56°00′18″N 3°46′44″W / 56.00500°N 3.77889°W / 56.00500; -3.77889