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(Reguidit frae Finnish fowk)
Tot population
(6.5 million)
Regions wi signeeficant populations
 Finland:       approx. 5,400,000[1]
Other significant population centers:
 Unitit States700,000[2]
 Roushie34,300 (wi Ingrie Finns) [4] or 127,600 (wi aw Karelies)
 Australie20,988 (in 2006)[5]
 Germany16,000 (in 2002)[6]
 Norawa15,000-60,000 includin Forest Finns an Kvens[7][8]
 Unitit Kinrick11,228[9]
 Fraunce6,000 (in 2005)
 Spain5,000 (in 2001)[6]
  Swisserland2,656 (in 2002)[11]
 Netherlands2,087 (in 2006)[12]
 Denmark2,084 (in 2002)[11]
 Unitit Arab Emirates900 (in 2010)[13]
Languages related to Finnish include Estonie, Karelie, Vepsian, Võro an, mair distantly,
all Uralic languages.
Finnish Paganism an Roman Catholicism frae 1050 till 16t century[14] The day predominantly Protestant (mainly Lutheran);
Orthodox Christian, Roman Catholic an neopagan minorities.

The terms Finns an Finnish fowk (Finnish: suomalaiset, Swadish: finnar (ethnic Finns), finländare (citizens o Finland)) are uised in Scots tae mean "a native or inhabitant o Finland". Thay are uised tae refer tae the ethnic group historically associatit wi Finland or Fennoscandie an aw, an thay are anerlie uised in that sense here.[15][16]

As wi maist ethnic groups, the definition o Finns mey vary. In ivery definition, the term includes the Finnish-speakin population o Finland. The group can be seen tae include the Finnish-speakin population o Swaden an the tradeetionally Swadish-speakin population o Finland an aw, awtho the inclusion o the latter intae the Finnish ethnicity is a subject o discussion. Smawer populations that mey or mey no be seen tae faw unner the term Finns include the Kvens in Norawa, the Tornedalians o Swaden an the Ingrie Finns o Roushie. Finns can be dividit accordin tae dialect intae subgroups whiles cried heimo (lit. tribe), but sic diveesions hae acome less important wi internal migration.

Linguistically, Finnish, spoken bi maist Finns, is pairt o the Uralic leid faimily an is maist closely relatit tae ither Finnic leids sic as Karelie an Estonie, while Swadish, spoken bi Swadish-speakin Finns, is unrelatit tae the Finnish leid an a member o the Indo-European leid faimily. Finnish haes loanwirds frae Swadish, ither Germanic an broader Indo-European leids in different chronological layers while Swadish haes few loan wirds frae the Finnic leids. Some scholars hae argued that, genetically, Finns "hae been shown tae differ strikinly frae ither European populations".[17] Housomeivver, thay hae a close genetic affinity tae ither Europeans; thair idiosyncratic fyndins bein attributable tae law population densitie in prehistory.[3]

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