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Felis_silvestris_silvestris_small_gradual_decrease_of_quality.png(519 × 600 pixels, file size: 156 KB, MIME type: image/png)

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English: Gradual JPEG artifacts example, with decreasing quality from right to left
Soorce Felis_silvestris_silvestris.jpg
Other versions

Derivative works of this file: Felis silvestris silvestris small gradual decrease of quality - JPEG compression.jpg

This is a retouched picture, which means that it has been digitally altered from its original version. Modifications: Gradual JPEG artifacts example. The original can be viewed here: Felis silvestris silvestris.jpg. Modifications made by AzaToth.

Source code

use strict;
use warnings;
use v5.12;
use File::Temp qw/ tempdir /;
use Graphics::Magick;
use Math::Round qw(:all);
my $p = new Graphics::Magick;
my ($width, $height) = $p->Get('width', 'height');
my $center = $height;
my $result = new Graphics::Magick;
$result->Set('quality', 100);
my $dir = tempdir(CLEANUP => 1);
my $chop = 16; # 1 MCU normally
my $vertical = 0;
for my $n (0..($vertical?$height:$width)) {
        next if $n%$chop; 
        my $current = $p->Clone();
        $current->Crop(width => $vertical?$width:$chop, height => $vertical?$chop:$height, x => $vertical?0:$n, y=>$vertical?$n:0);
		my $quality =  round_even(100*abs(($n+6*$chop)**4/$center**4));
		say $quality;
        $current->Set('quality' => $quality);
        my $filename = sprintf "%s/%05d.jpg", $dir, $n;
        my $m = new Graphics::Magick;
        $result->Composite( image => $m, x => $vertical?0:$n, y => $vertical?$n:0);


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