Field hockey

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Field hockey
A 2005 men's field hockey internaitional gemme atween Argentinae an Pakistan
Heichest govrenin bodyInternational Hockey Federation
Nickname(s)Hockey, gress hockey
First played19t century, Ingland
Team members11 field players
Categorizationootduir an induir
EquipmentHockey baw, hockey stick, moothguard, shinguards
Olympic1908, 1920, 1928–present

Field hockey is a team sport o the hockey faimily. The earliest origins o the sport date back tae the Middle Ages in Ingland, Scotland an the Netherlands.[1] The gemme can be played on a gress field or a turf field as well as an induir buird surface. Each team plays wi eleiven players includin the goalkeeper. Players uose sticks made oot o wid, carbon feebre, feebregless or a combination o carbon feebre an feebre gless in different quantities (wi the heicher carbon feebre stick bein mair expensive an less likely tae break) tae hit a roond, haurd, rubber lik baw. The lenth o the stick depends on the player's indiveedual hicht.[2]

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