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Fezzan wis a govrenorate within baith Italian Libie an the Kinrick o Libie, 1927-1963.
Caipital Sabha
 • Tot 551,170 km2 (212,810 sq mi)
Population (2006)[2]
 • Tot 442,090
 • Density 0.80/km2 (2.1/sq mi)

Fezzan (/fɛˈzɑːn/; Arabic: فزانFizzān, Berber: Fezzan, Turkis: Fizan, Laitin: Phasania) is a sooth wastren region o modren Libie. It is lairgely desert but broken bi mountains, uplands, an dry river valleys (wadis) in the north, whaur oases enable auncient touns an veelages tae survive deep in the itherwise inhospitable Sahara.

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