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Ferrari F430
Ferrari F430 front 20080605.jpg
Manufacturer Ferrari
Also cried 430
Production 2004–2009
Assembly Maranello, Italy
Designer Frank Stephenson at Pininfarina[1]
Body and chassis
Cless Sports caur
Body style 2-seat Berlinetta
2-seat Spider
Layoot Rear mid-ingine, rear-wheel drive
Ingine 4.3 L V8
Transmission 6-speed manual
6-speed 'F1' electrohydraulic manual
Wheelbase 102.4 in (2,601 mm)
Lenth 177.6 in (4,511 mm)
Weenth 75.7 in (1,923 mm)
Hicht Coupe: 47.8 in (1,214 mm)
Spider: 48.6 in (1,234 mm)
Crib wecht 1,450 kg (3,197 lb)
Predecessor Ferrari 360
Successor Ferrari 458 Italia

The Ferrari F430 is a sports caur producit bi the Italian automaker Ferrari frae 2004 tae 2009, as a successor tae the 360. It debuted at the 2004 Paris Motor Show.

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