Fernando, Prince o Austries

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Prince o Asturies
Alonso Sánchez Coello - Portrait of Infante Ferdinand of Spain - Walters 37551.jpg
Portrait bi Sánchez Coello.
Born 4 December 1571
Madrid, Spain
Dee'd 18 October 1578(1578-10-18) (aged 6)
Madrid, Spain
Buirial El Escorial
Full name
Fernando de Austria y Austria
Hoose Habsburgs o Spain
Faither Philip II o Spain
Mither Anna o Austrick
Releegion Roman Catholicism

Fernando, Prince o Austries Infante o Spain, Infante o Portugal, Airchduke o Austrick, "Prince o Asturies" (4 December 1571 – 18 October 1578), son o Keeng Philip II o Spain an his fourth wife Anna o Austrick. He niver became keeng. His birth wis commerorated in a painting bi Titian.

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