Ferdinand Jerôme de Beauvau, Marquis o Haroué

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Ferdinand Jerôme de Beauvau
Maerquis o Haroué
Full name
Ferdinand Jerôme de Beauvau
Born 5 September 1723
Dee'd 1790 (aged 67)
Spoose(s) Louise Desmier d'Archiac
Faither Marc de Beauvau
Mither Anne Marguerite de Lignéville

Ferdinand Jerôme de Beauvau, Marquis o Haroué (5 September 1723 - 1790) wis a french nobleman an member o the Hoose o Beauvau. He wis the thirteenth son o Marc de Beauvau, Prince o Craon. Ferdinand wis also a nephew o the famous Madame de Boufflers. He wis given the title Marquis o Haroué (marquis d'Haroué) He wis created a Chamberlain tae Keeng Stanisław Leszczyński.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

He mairit Louise Desmier d'Archiac, daughter o the general Étienne Louis Desmier d'Archiac and granddaughter o Jean Henri d'Anthès. The couple haed one child.

Childer[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Marc Étienne de Beauvau, Prince o Beauvau 22 September 1773 - 28 Januar 1849) mairit Nathalie de Rochechouart an haed childer.