Ferdinand Foch

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Ferdinand Foch
Ferdinand Foch by Melcy, 1921.png
Marshal Foch in 1921
Born 2 October 1851(1851-10-02)
Tarbes, Fraunce
Dee'd 20 Mairch 1929(1929-03-20) (aged 77)
Paris, Fraunce
Allegiance  France
Service/branch French Airmy
Years o service 1870–1923
Rank Marshal o France
Field marshal (Unitit Kinrick)
Marshal o Poland
22nt Ryal First Honorar Colonel
Général de division
Commands held

Franco-Proushie War
First Warld War

Awairds Legion Honneur GC ribbon.svg Légion d'honneur (Grand Cross)
Medaille militaire ribbon.svg Médaille militaire
Croix de Guerre 1914-1918 ribbon.svg Croix de guerre
Grand Crest Ordre de Leopold.png Order o Leopold (Grand Cross)
MAR Order of the Ouissam Alaouite - Grand Cross (1913-1956) BAR.png Order o Ouissam Alaouite (Grand Cross)
POL Order Orła Białego BAR.svg Order o the White Eagle
POL Virtuti Militari Wielki BAR.svg Virtuti Militari (Grand Cross)
OrderStGeorge2cl rib.png Order o St. George (2nt Cless)
Order of the Bath UK ribbon.svg Order o the Bath (Honorar Grand Cross)
GRE Order Redeemer 5Class.png Order o the Redeemer
Order of Merit (Commonwealth realms) ribbon.png Order o Merit
Dso-ribbon.png Distinguished Service Order
U.S. Army Distinguished Service Medal ribbon.svg Distinguished Service Medal (US)

Marshal Ferdinand Jean Marie Foch (French pronunciation: ​[fɔʃ]) (2 October 1851 – 20 Mairch 1929) wis a French general an Marshal o Fraunce, Great Breetain an Poland, a militar theorist an the Supreme Allied Commander in the First Warld War.