Fellae o the Ryal Society

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Fellaeship o the Ryal Society
The Royal Society.jpg
Heidquarters o the Ryal Society in Carlton House Terrace in Lunnon
Awairdit for“substantial contreibutions tae the improvement o naitural knawledge”[1]
SponsorRyal Society
Date1663 (1663)
KintraUnitit Kinrick
Currently held bi~8000 as o 2016 o which ~1600 livin
Offeecial wabsteidroyalsociety.org/fellows

Fellaeship o the Ryal Society (Inglis: Fellowship of the Royal Society; FRS, ForMemRS & HonFRS) is an awaird an fellaeship granted bi the Ryal Society o Lunnon tae indiveeduals. The society judges tae hae made a "substantial contreibution tae the improvement o naitural knawledge, includin mathematics, ingineerin science an medical science".[1]

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