Fedora (operatin seestem)

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Fedora logo and wordmark.svg
Fedora Showing Gnome 3.22.2 showing overview.png
Fedora 25 Workstation wi GNOME 3.22.2
Company / developer Fedora Project (sponsored bi Red Hat)
OS faimily Unix-lik
Wirkin state Current
Soorce model Open soorce
Initial release 6 November 2003; 15 years ago (2003-11-06)[1]
Latest release 25[2] / 22 November 2016; 2 years ago (2016-11-22)
Update method DNF (PackageKit)
Package manager RPM Package Manager
Platforms i686, x86-64, ARM-hfp, ARM AArch64, PPC64, PPC64le, IBM Z, MIPS-64el, MIPS-el, RISC-V[3]
Kernel type Monolithic (Linux)
Userland GNU
Default uiser interface GNOME
License Various free saftware licenses, plus proprietary firmware files[4]

Fedora /fˈdɒr.ə/ (umwhile Fedora Core) is an operatin seestem based on the Linux kernel, developed bi the commonty-supportit Fedora Project an sponsored bi Red Hat. Fedora conteens saftware distributit unner a free an open-soorce license an aims tae be on the leadin edge o such technologies.[5][6]

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