Februar Revolution

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Februar Revolution
Pairt o the Roushie Revolution
Attackin the Tsar's polis during the first days
o the Februar Revolution
Date8–16 Mairch 1917 [O.S. 23 Februar – Mairch 3]
LocationPetrograd, Roushie Empire

Revolutionary victory

Roushie Empire Imperial Govrenment
MVD Depairtment o Polis
Petrograd garrison
Petrograd garrison (later days)
Commanders an leaders
Roushie Empire General Sergei Khabalov (Petrograd MD) Aleksandr Shlyapnikov, an ithers
Casualties an losses
1,443 killed (Petrograd alane)[1]

The Februar Revolution (Roushie: Февра́льская револю́ция), kent in Soviet historiografie as the Februar Bourgeois Democratic Revolution[2] wis the first o twa Roushie revolutions in 1917.

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