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Faughalstown is locatit in Ireland
Location o Faughalstown athin Coonty Westmeath in the Republic o Ireland
Coordinates: 53°38′20″N 7°17′58″W / 53.63889°N 7.29944°W / 53.63889; -7.29944Coordinates: 53°38′20″N 7°17′58″W / 53.63889°N 7.29944°W / 53.63889; -7.29944
KintraRepublic o Ireland Republic o Ireland
CoontyCoonty Westmeath
Erse grid referenceN463656

Faughalstown (Erse: Fochla),[1] is a ceevil pairish in Coonty Westmeath, Ireland. It is locatit aboot 13.04 kilometres (8 mi) north o Mullingar.

Faughalstown is ane o 8 ceevil pairishes in the barony o Fore in the Province o Leinster. The ceevil pairish covers 7,001.1 acres (28.332 km2).

Faughalstown ceevil pairish comprises 20 tounland: Ballybeg, Derrynagarragh, Faughalstown, Froghanstown, Gartlandstown, Grangestown, Kiltoom, Milltown, Ranahinch, Ringstown, Streamstown an Templanstown.

The neighbouring ceevil pairishes are: Mayne an Rathgarve tae the north, Kilpatrick an St. Feighin's tae the east an Taghmon tae the sooth.[1][2][3]

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