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Fateh 110
Fateh-110 Missile by YPA.IR 02.jpg
Fateh-110 missiles on Zolfaghar TEL in a parade
Teep Tactical SRBM
Service history
In service 2002–present
Uised bi Iran
North Korea
Wars Sirian ceevil war
Production history
Manufacturer Iran
Unit cost Unknown
Wecht 3,500 kg
Lenth 8.90 m
Diameter 0.60 m
Warheid One
Blast yield Not applicable

Ingine Solid fuel rocket (single stage)
300 km
Speed Mach 3.5
Inertial, global navigation satellite system[1] & electro-optical terminal
Accuracy Less than 10 meters in Fateh-313 and Khalije Fars and Hormoz[citation needit]

Fateh-110 (Persie: فاتح-۱۱۰‎‎, "conqueror") is a single-stage solid-propellant, surface-tae-surface missile with at least a 200 km range, and it is produced domestically within Iran by the Aerospace Industries Organization, including the solid fuel propellant. Iran successfully flight tested the final version of the Fateh-110 in September, 2002. Several weeks later in mid-September 2002 the Aerospace Industries Organization opened a plant tae mass-produce the Fateh-110. The initial range of the missile was 200 km but in September 2004 it wis announced that it haed been extendit tae 250 km and if needed it could be increased further. Fateh-110 haes a range of 300 km in its fourth generation which wis unveiled in 2012.[2]

Fateh 110 is awso based on a Cheenese DF-15 an North Korean KN-02.

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