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Phan Xi Păng
Fansipan Summit.jpg
Monument at summit of Fansipan
Heichest pynt
Elevation3,147.3 m (10,326 ft) [1]
Prominence1,613 m (5,292 ft) [1]
LeetinKintra heich pynt
Coordinates22°18′12″N 103°46′30″E / 22.30333°N 103.77500°E / 22.30333; 103.77500Coordinates: 22°18′12″N 103°46′30″E / 22.30333°N 103.77500°E / 22.30333; 103.77500[1]
State/ProvinceLai Châu, Lào Cai
DestrictTam Đường, Sa Pa
Easiest routecable car

Fansipan (Vietnamese: Phan Xi Păng, Aboot this soondlisten) is a moontain in Vietnam. The hicht o the moontain wis 3,143 metres (10,312 ft) in 1909, but nou the hicht o the moontain is 3,147.3 metres (10,326 ft). It is the heichest moontain in the Indocheenese Peninsula (comprisin Vietnam, Laos, an Cambodie), hence its nickname "the Roof o Indocheenae". It is locatit in the Lào Cai Province o the Northwast region o Vietnam, 9 km soothwast o Sa Pa in the Hoang Lien Son moontain range. Admeenistratively, it is shared atween Tam Đường destrict, Lai Châu an Sa Pa toun, Lào Cai.

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