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The Fakour-90 is an Iranian air-tae-air missile based on the AIM-54 Phoenix.[1][2] It is solely deployed on Iran's F-14 Tomcats.[3][4]

The missile wis developit by the Iranian Airmy, the Meenistry of Defence an Airmed Forces Logeestics, and the Air Force.[citation needit] In October 2011, Iran annoonced that the missile haed reached the stage of mass production.[5][6][7][8]

On Apryke 2017, Fakour-90 lang range air tae air missile wis officially unveiled during a visit by Hassan Rouhani frae exhibition of latest achievements of defence meenistry of Iran. [9] Iran's state TV showed a video related to this exhibition including test firing a Fakour-90 missile by a F-14 Tomcat of IRIAF. [10][11]

On 23 Julie 2018, the Iranian militar announced the Fakour radar-guidit air-tae-air missile wis now being mass produced. A ceremony attendit by Iranian defence meenister Amir Hatami wis held tae mark the announcement, during which at least sax missiles were displayed as well as the front ends of another five. Hatami claimed the missile could be uised with a variety of aircraft. The Iranian media reportit that it haes a range of 150 km, a speed of Mach 5, and a guidance seestem that enables it tae hit a target independently of the launch aircraft’s radar.[12]

Although maist sources reportit that the Fakour-90 is a copy of the AIM-54, some analysts suggestit that the Fakour-90 wis actually an air-launched version of the MIM-23 Hawk missile with control surfaces frae the AIM-54.[13] The Fakour-90 wis awso criticised for haeving less range than the oreeginal AIM-54 missiles.[14]

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