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FNB Stadium
Soccer Ceety, The Calabash
Germany Ghana - the stadium after the match.jpg
Location Stadium Avenue, Nasrec, Johannesburg, Sooth Africae
Coordinates 26°14′5.27″S 27°58′56.47″E / 26.2347972°S 27.9823528°E / -26.2347972; 27.9823528Coordinates: 26°14′5.27″S 27°58′56.47″E / 26.2347972°S 27.9823528°E / -26.2347972; 27.9823528
Awner Ceety o Johannesburg
Operator Stadium Management Sooth Africae
Executive suites 195
Capacity 94,736
Record attendance 94,713 (Sooth Africae-New Zealand, 21 August 2010)
Field size 105m X 68m
Surface Gress
Brak grund 1986
Appent 1989[2]
Renovatit 2009
Expandit 2009
Construction cost Rand 3.3 billion
(USD $ 440 million)
Airchitect Boogertman & Partners, HOK Sport (nou Populous)[1]
Kaizer Chiefs
Sooth Africae naitional fitbaa team
Sooth Africae naitional rugby union team
2010 FIFA Warld Cup

First Naitional Baunk Stadium (Inglis: First National Bank Stadium) or simply FNB Stadium, is a stadium locatit in Nasrec, borderin the Soweto aurie o Johannesburg, Sooth Africae.

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