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Revolutionary Airmed Forces o Colombie
Fowk's Airmy
Pairteecipant in the Colombian airmed conflict (1964–present)
Active1964 – present
Revolutionary socialism
Left-wing Naitionalism
Foco theory
Poleetical poseetionFar-Left
LeadersTimoleón Jiménez
Pablo Catatumbo
Iván Márquez
Pastor Alape
Joaquín Gómez
Mauricio Jaramillo
Alfonso Cano  
Manuel Marulanda
Jacobo Arenas
Raúl Reyes  
Iván Ríos  
Jorge Briceño  
Aurie o operationsConcentratit in soothren, sooth-wastren, north-wastren an eastren Colombie. Incursions tae Peru, Venezuela, Brazil,[1] Panama,[2] an Ecuador. Sporadic presence in ither Laitin American kintras, predominantly Mexico, Paraguay, Argentinae, an Bolivie.
Size7,000 - 10,000 (2013)[3][4][5]<[6][7][8]
AlliesCoordinadora Continental Bolivariana
Cuba (till 1991)
OpponentsGovrenment o Colombie
Colombian opponent paramilitar groups

The Revolutionary Airmed Forces o Colombie—Fowk’s Airmy (Spaingie: Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia—Ejército del Pueblo, FARC–EP an FARC) are a Marxist–Leninist terrorist organisation involved in the continuin Colombian airmed conflict syne 1964.[9][10][11][12] The FARC-EP hae a claim tae be a peasant airmy wi a poleetical platform o agrarianism an anti-imperialism inspired bi Bolivarianism.[citation needit] The operations o the FARC–EP are fundit bi kidnap tae ransom, gowd minin, an the production an distribution o illegal drugs.[13][14]

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