Eyvind Johnson

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Nobel prize medal.svg Eyvind Johnson
Born Olof Edvin Verner Jonsson
29 Julie 1900(1900-07-29)
near Boden, Norrbotten, Swaden
Dee'd 25 August 1976(1976-08-25) (aged 76)
Stockholm, Swaden
Naitionality Swadish
Period 1924–1976
Notable warks
Notable awairds Nobel Prize in Leeteratur
1974 (shared wi Harry Martinson)

Eyvind Johnson (29 Julie 1900 – 25 August 1976) wis a Swadish writer an author. He acame a member o the Swadish Academy in 1957 an shared the Nobel Prize in Leeteratur wi Harry Martinson in 1974 wi the citation: for a narrative airt, far-seein in launds an ages, in the service o freedom.