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This airticle is aboot the audio format. For ither uisses, see Extended play (disambiguation).

An extended play (EP) is a muisical recordin that contains mair muisic than a single, but is too short tae qualify as a full studio album or LP. The term EP oreeginally referred tae specific teeps o vinyl records ither than 78 rpm staundart play (SP) records an LP records,[1] but it is nou applee'd tae mid-lenth Compact discs an muisic dounloads as well. Ricardo Baca o The Denver Post said, "EPs—originally extended-play 'single' releases that are shorter than tradeetional albums—hae lang been popular wi punk an indie baunds."[2] In the Unitit Kinrick, the Official Chart Company defines a boondary atween EP an album classification at 25 minutes o lenth or fower tracks (no coontin alternative versions o featured sangs, if present).[3][4]

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