Evenki leid

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Эвэды̄ турэ̄н[1]
Native tae Cheenae, Mongolie, Roushie
Region Inner Mongolie an Heilongjiang in Cheenae; Selenge Province in Mongolie; Krasnoyarsk Krai in Roushie
Ethnicity Evenks
Native speakers
17,000 (2007–2010)[2]
  • Northern
    • Evenki group
      • Evenki
Cyrillic, Laitin, Mongolian
Leid codes
ISO 639-3 evn
Glottolog even1259[3]
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Evenki /ˈvɛnki/,[4] umwhile kent as Tungus,[5] is the lairgest member o the northren group o Tungusic leids, a group which an aa includes Even, Negidal, an (the mair closely relatit) Oroqen leid.

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